About the Author


My name is Virginia Rose, and sometimes Pheonix Chicken.

I draw unicorns, mandalas and commission illustrations. I run a small-scale publishing title called www.friendshipbeefinearts.comI am a spoken word and performance artist. I am Editor in Chief and a contributing writer at MSMyWay.com, where we write about navigating life with a chronic illness.

I have a Day Job at a social services agency where we work to improve the quality and energy efficiency of low-income housing. My job is technical and dynamic and fun, and it satisfies the part of me that demands real-time action to address the impending apocalyptic doom.

In my Professional Career and my Art, I am obsessed with the interaction between Humans and the Environment. “How do we build the Next World: the one where we are living in right relationship with ourselves and our environment?” I find a lot of answers to that question and I’m patching them all together into visions of a better future.


In all parts of my life, I ask the question,
“How do we tell the story of the world in which we want to live?”