What’s In A Name?

Pheonix Chicken Virginia Rose Virginia Rose Pheonix Chicken Virginia Chicken Pheonix Rose Pheonix Rose Recently, I started telling folks that I would like to be called by my given middle name, “Rose”. It was an impulse that perhaps arose from some recent personal growth events. But I’ve been thinking about Rose for some time now. … More What’s In A Name?


Creating culture on purpose. Like some obnoxious old wannabe rock star who will stand around for hours trying to convince you that some obscure meme of popculture was his idea and he is an unrecognized god of social programming, and someone owes him royalties. Except I’m not looking back into the past to realize that … More #strangeandbeautiful

Waiting For

A post-modern clowning act, something of a combination between Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead and Waiting for Godot. Two or three folks, ongoing absurd conversation. Clowns. They start out not really knowing what’s going on. Exploring their environment. Asking questions. The sound of a train going through the background occurs regularly. It is a philosophical … More Waiting For

No Promises

I don’t believe in rules and promises, nor contracts meant to hold us fast, coerce behavior into one ideal. I believe in navigation by feel, by the seat of my pants and the pull in my guts. Ask one question, and one question only: when I do this, how does it feel? And if I … More No Promises

Selki Lore

This is a mythological cosmology outline (or something like that) of a potential comic book series. Based on the myth of the selkies, gaelic creatures, presumed to be mythological creatures. The myth goes, the selkie people are magical shapeshifters, of a sort. They are kin to seals, and they have a seal skin. But they … More Selki Lore

Super heros, from the girlfriends perspective

Outline of a potential comic book. Retelling the stories of comic book super heroes from their girlfriends perspective. Starts by introducing all of their stories individually. Fleshing them out into full characters with complex depth and independent storylines. Making them more than just plot devices. Eventually, Pepper Potts begins to collect them, one by one. … More Super heros, from the girlfriends perspective

Dance of the Janitor

A woman in janitors coveralls. Lumpy, limping. Pushing a broom or mop. Wearing headphones, listening to music. Setting: some large institution. Psych ward, prison, school, hospital. Comes in, cleaning. Slowly, the tinny sound of music overheard from headphones fades in. Janitor begins to awkwardly dance to the music, shuffling around stiffly with broom. Sudden shift. … More Dance of the Janitor