Selki Lore

This is a mythological cosmology outline (or something like that) of a potential comic book series. Based on the myth of the selkies, gaelic creatures, presumed to be mythological creatures. The myth goes, the selkie people are magical shapeshifters, of a sort. They are kin to seals, and they have a seal skin. But they … More Selki Lore

Character Sketch – The Tear Collector

‘nother comic book charcter I’m not sure exactly what storyline this character is part of. Maybe all of them. Sort of a Victorian style steampunk scientist. Thin and lean, short/medium height. Always dapper. Much like a field botanist, or a bug collector… always talking about specimens. Obsessive categorization system. Always accompanied by the delicate tinkle … More Character Sketch – The Tear Collector

The May I Paint Your Face Fairy – character sketch and story ark

***a future potential comic book*** The May I Paint Your Face Fairy is a femme gendered person. She starts out life like any normal person, just looking for a good hustle. She is gifted with natural artistic talent, and ability to see people’s auras. Face painting is a natural fit for her: all she does … More The May I Paint Your Face Fairy – character sketch and story ark

My new friend Chris

I am house sitting at my dad’s house right now. Dad has a big huge house on the cliffy waterfront in Magnolia. I’m here, taking care of the dog and keeping tabs on the teenage foreign exchange student. Dad and Irene rarely go for beach walks. I mean, they go for walk all the time, … More My new friend Chris

Creation Myth

Revised Wed.07.May.2014 Revised again, 14.May.2014 *** So… have you ever read some creation myths? They’re always so… so… anthropomorphic. Does everyone know what anthropomorphic means? Well, you know, science always comes along and spoils all the fun by saying, “no no no, it didn’t happen in that cool and interesting way, it happened in the … More Creation Myth