Amplify the Heart’s Voice

Because everything I’m seeking is always all around me, all the time.
I have only to wake up and be present.
Open, present, sensing, feeling… … More Amplify the Heart’s Voice


The lessons will be repeated until they are learned.

Sometimes it feels like my life repeats itself, andΒ I find myself wrestling with the same damn melodrama over and over again. Over and over again. Over and over again… Being chewed up and spit out by one institution after another. And this physical existence, this “school of life”, full of pain and grit and mess. … More The lessons will be repeated until they are learned.


Creating culture on purpose. Like some obnoxious old wannabe rock star who will stand around for hours trying to convince you that some obscure meme of popculture was his idea and he is an unrecognized god of social programming, and someone owes him royalties. Except I’m not looking back into the past to realize that … More #strangeandbeautiful

No Promises

I don’t believe in rules and promises, nor contracts meant to hold us fast, coerce behavior into one ideal. I believe in navigation by feel, by the seat of my pants and the pull in my guts. Ask one question, and one question only: when I do this, how does it feel? And if I … More No Promises

Ego VS Ego

This song is really two songs, intended to be sung by two different people singing over each other. Sort of a musical duel. One side is sweetness and light, the other side is darkness and cynicism. This is, of course, still a rough draft. I think this is part of the May-I-Paint-Your-Face Fairy Musical. What … More Ego VS Ego


Originally posted on stronger than silence:
hi everyone this took a minute it’s been a minute a minute since a white hand killed a brown man less than that since an overseer killed a man named Brown but we found out justice would have to wait for trayvon last august and i’ve been meaning to…