The lessons will be repeated until they are learned.

Sometimes it feels like my life repeats itself, andΒ I find myself wrestling with the same damn melodrama over and over again. Over and over again. Over and over again… Being chewed up and spit out by one institution after another. And this physical existence, this “school of life”, full of pain and grit and mess. … More The lessons will be repeated until they are learned.


Creating culture on purpose. Like some obnoxious old wannabe rock star who will stand around for hours trying to convince you that some obscure meme of popculture was his idea and he is an unrecognized god of social programming, and someone owes him royalties. Except I’m not looking back into the past to realize that … More #strangeandbeautiful

So you have critques of feminism, do you? | An open letter to the guy who wants to explain to me his problem with feminists.

I wrote this post while very very angry and feeling attacked. Here is what guy said on Face Book: “If you really are interested in talking to me about feminism than you’ll hear me use this word alot: Axiom. It is my attempt at a safe word to use when people start making up imaginary-scenario … More So you have critques of feminism, do you? | An open letter to the guy who wants to explain to me his problem with feminists.


These are my AXIOMS. This is an ongoing list that I will add to over time, edit, and continuously link back to. AXIOM I: We are multidimensional energy beings participating in a collective holographic hallucination that we commonly call “physical reality”. AXIOM II: We have been trained to think in mathematically limited structures – i.e. … More AXIOMS

My Personality Doens’t Work Without Fame

“My personality doesn’t work without fame” – Russel Brand

Insomnia again. It’s 2am. No, it’s 1am, cause its daylight savings time, and I get an extra hour. I’m awake, my heart is racing. I have fucking hives. FUCKING HIVES.

The thing that really set off the hives was looking at my bank account. But that was just a matchstick. Spinning thoughts, spinning spinning spinning… so many ideas popping through my head constantly, spinning round and round and round. I can barely keep up with myself. The throughts, they bounce around like a bouncy ball in a zero gravity room with very thin atmosphere. Just keeps going and going and going, bounce bounce bounce. Like that stupid bouncing bundle of straight lines screensaver.

Jessus fuck. Ok, I need to write. Every day. Need to, in order to be sane. But I also need to be accomplishing and making progress on zillion other projects pressing at me all the time, pressing at … More My Personality Doens’t Work Without Fame

Insomnia & Writing

it’s 1:46am, and my pulse is quick my mind is racing. I have insomnia. I often have insomnia.

2014.10.29My mind is racing, tumbling along out of control, exhausting itself with thinking thinking thinking, working out systems, working out cause and effect relationships. Thinking about all of the little things that need to be done.

I get thoughts and ideas in my head. Thoughts and ideas about the way the universe works. About the way reality functions. And art projects. Stories, images. All art is, really, is an illustrative way of explaining the things I see in my head.

And I NEED to explain them. I need to get these thoughts and ideas out of my head, out into physical reality in some pres … More Insomnia & Writing