Pheonix Chicken is a character I created after seeing a vision of a phoenix with a chicken head rising out of the ocean horizon, lit by the cool blue light of the full moon. They are a performance art character, my healer, my teacher, my spirit guide. Choosing to take on Pheonix Chicken as my daily name is an act of pushing myself to focus on my studies, an act of pushing myself into becoming myself… And at their very heart, Pheonix Chicken is a being of great mystical power, married to the humility, absurdity, and ordinary-ness of the chicken nuggets on your dinner plate. Pheonix Chicken is a reminder of the sacred that is woven throughout and emanating through every particle and moment of material reality. While my body may be comfortably female, Pheonix Chicken is, in no uncertain terms, a hermaphrodite.

I myself am an artist, a healer, and an apprentice shamon (gender neutral shaman?). Apprenticed to myself and every human I meet. You, whoever you are, are my teacher.

The ultimate goal of my spiritual journey is the ongoing work of minimizing discrepancies between my thoughts/intentions, and the affects of my actions. Looking out into the world today, I see a lot of dissonence between the stories that are told, and the reality of people’s lives. Sometimes it seems as if I am wading in rivers of bullshit. And I think, “oh dear, we’ve got a lot of composting to do…”

The purpose of this blog is really for me to keep my thoughts straight in my head. There’s all these Big Ideas floating around in here, desperately clambering to get out! They don’t come out in tidy little packages, either. They come out in long, complicated chains and webs and patterns, and I just have to vomit them out before they drive me crazy. So everything on here is a rough draft. A rough draft for a novel, a scholarly research paper, a circus performance, a comic book, or just notes for the next conversation with my teacher.


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