Driving in circles

KK and Pheonix are going to the sauna. Driving the Bumble Bee.

But there is no parking to be had at either the YMCA or the Coop.

They drive in circles, searching for parking. Probably circle the block at least four or five times.

On the last pass, they are coming out the alley behind the Y, to turn onto Holley. Phx is driving a bit fast, and there is a biker coming up the sidewalk. KK says, “don’t hit that biker!” and Phx breaks. It is not a mear miss. But she did have to hit the breaks assertively.

The biker stops. It is their friend Patrick. He comes around to the driver’s side.

“Delivery!” he says, opening his backpack and pulling out a quart jar of homemade sour kraut. Phx & KK are too stunned by the absurdity of it all to say much of anything. Patrick pulls his penny whistle out of his bag and plays a little delivery ditty. Then he bikes away.

Phx pulls the van back out onto the street. KK says “go park in the alley behind the coop”. They do. They walk the two blocks down to the Y and commence with their sauna.


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