Walking In The Space Between – an ensemble dance piece

This piece is for a troupe of five to seven dancers/clowns. The movement of the troup is flocking – they move together as a group, as a cohesive organism. The individual people are like molecules, or cells in a body. And depending on their condition, their state changes. They could be solid, liquid, gas. They are a semi-permiable membrane, the permiability of which shifts and changes depending on their collective mood. 
In one sense, this piece could be a science lesson, with the dancers acting as molecules. 

But it’s really a demonstratoin of the law of attraction. Because it’s also a monologue by a main protagonist, who is the “leader” of the dance. The monologue is a story of growth – the story of a lonely depressed person feeling excluded and isolated by the group, then figuring out how to “tune” themselves to the frequency of where they want to be, and finding their way into the group. 

The fourth wall is mostly closed throughout this piece, though there are snippets of check-ins between the protagonist and the audience.

(this piece could also be done in a more abstract conceptual way, without monologue, but with dynamic music accompanyment)

The piece starts off with just the protagonist onstage. They are explaining the Law of Attraction as a meathematical proof… then the flock interrupts them, crossing the stage in a loud boystrous party.  At first, the person doesn’t care about them. They’re just Other People. But then they cross again, still a party. The protagonish wants to be in that crew. Wants to be connected to people, wants to feel LOVE. They start trying to get the flock’s attention, trying to be part of the flock. But the flock is a flock because they are tuned to themselves – flowing and moving together. The protagonist’s attempts to interact with the flock are weird and awkward, and the group is like a solid brick wall. They cannot “get through”. 

At first, the protagonist is petulant and melodramatic and feeling excluded by the group. This is reflected in their body language. Sunken and collapsed around the middle. But then they shift. Begin to approach the “problem” as a mathematical equasion, as a physics experiment. 

“That which you resist persists.” 

The protagonist begins to experiment with the physics of their body language – begin to run tests. If they can match their “vibes” (aka body language) to that of the group, then they can interact with it. 

The flock begins to interact with the protagonist, slowly, as a group. Very tentative. Little snippets. The solid wall becomes gradually more permiable. 

The protagonist begins to get small bits of encouraging positive feedback, and so they expand upon that. They run more experiments. They find that the flock is highly responsive to their own inner state of being. Then there is a just a solid chunk of interaction between the protagonist and the flock – this part especially to be developed by the ensemble. 

In the end, the protagonist is dancing, part of the flock. 

And then they are alone again, the flock has left. But they are different. More confident. More graceful. They go back to the “drawing board” where they were explaining the Law of Attraction in abstract ways… And then they say something about how abstract understanding is great and all, but you also have to actuallly live it out in your life. 


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