Creating culture on purpose.

Like some obnoxious old wannabe rock star who will stand around for hours trying to convince you that some obscure meme of popculture was his idea and he is an unrecognized god of social programming, and someone owes him royalties.

Except I’m not looking back into the past to realize that “that was the moment when it all began…” I am in the moment, feeling it, experiencing it happening as it happens and in the driver’s seat.

This is the moment. My moment. I’m looking into the future and choosing the reality that I want to create. Doing it on purpose. Creating the culture that I want to be part of.

That is the mindset of my generation. The millenials. Kids born after 1980. That is the teaching that we bring to the world. The thoughts of people who grew up on the internet.

Dont spend any time trying to convince anyone of anything. Just do what you want. Follow the path of least resistance and walk in the direction of the place you want to be.

I am strange and beautiful. Inexplicable. Uncategorizable. Captivating and confusing. And this is a meme that I will perpetuate in the world. The meme of loving self and allowing self to be the wild weird creature self wants to be. Permission to defy explanation, to make no sense, to cause people to feel feelings that they may not be prepared to feel. Permission to open up the floodgates of creative expression and to stop spending any time worrying what people will think of me.

Permission to create myself purely for my own satisfaction and pleasure.

“Permission to be strange and beautiful, captain?”
“Permission granted, soldier.”


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