Waiting For

A post-modern clowning act, something of a combination between Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead and Waiting for Godot.

Two or three folks, ongoing absurd conversation. Clowns. They start out not really knowing what’s going on. Exploring their environment. Asking questions.

The sound of a train going through the background occurs regularly.

It is a philosophical exploration of what it means to be a human in this time, facing a very real and imminent apocalypse. Flowing in and out of existential crisis. Observing the presence and the horror of The Nothing (colonialism). Observing ourselves, our species, our world, on the bring of a massive transformation.

“They paved paradise to put up a parking lot”

“The chicken is an ideal metaphore for the proletariot worker”

Sky’s existential joke. Lots of puns about the sky.

They have a printed script that they refer to from time to time. It is marked and annotated for easy reference.


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