Clown Act: Screen World

A 5min clown act. Two players.
Music accompanyment that is snappy, sincopated, responsive to the act.

One player, the “Watcher”, has a flat screen device. The prop is a stylized tablet of generic variety. They hold it in front of their face and interact with the world through it. Their movement is hyper, all channelled through the screen, all focus to the screen. Physically, it appears as if they’re being led around the wold by the device.

The second player, the “Be-er”, is present to the world, interacting with the audience, moving, making a spectacle.

The Watcher enters the empty stage from one side, being led aound by the screen. Fast sincopated music. They explore the stage, mumbling things about “collecting for the network”. They walk up to the edge of the stage and “record” the audience.

The Be-er comes out on stage, walking casually. Music changes to casual melody. The Be-er is a character. Their whole presentation is a work of art. The way they move, their appearance, their way of interacting. They make an immediate connection with the audience.

The Watcher is immediately fascinayed by the Be-er and begins to Record them, interacting through the screen. The Be-er is trying to bypass the screen and interact directly with the Watcher.

That is the bulk of the action. It becomes a dance between them. Tango music. The Be-er attempting to have a real interaction with the Watcher, the Watcher always interacting through the screen, being somewhat of an anthropologist. The Be-er always checking in with the audience, like, “can you believeΒ  this?”

Maybe the Be-er wrestles the screen away and the Watcher suddenly screams out like a baby whose passifier has been taken away.

The Watcher cries for a moment while the Be-er accidentally becomes fascinaby the screen. The Watcher realizes that no one is coming to comfort and help them, so they sooth themselves, “wake-up” a bit and begin to see and interact with the audience.

Maybe the Be-er then becomes fascinated by the screen and they trade places, the Watcher then becoming the animated one, connecting with the audience and teasing the Be-er-become-Watcher.

Tango music again. And this is how they exit the stage – all wrapped-up and struggling-teasing each other.


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