Selki Lore

This is a mythological cosmology outline (or something like that) of a potential comic book series.

Based on the myth of the selkies, gaelic creatures, presumed to be mythological creatures. The myth goes, the selkie people are magical shapeshifters, of a sort. They are kin to seals, and they have a seal skin. But they can take the skin off and be human. But they don’t interact with humans. They are mysterious and distant. Sometimes, groups of them gather in the full moon light, take off their skins, and dance. That’s when someone steals their skin. And then they are trapped.

This is presumed to be a fanciful magical myth.

But what if it was looked at more literal. A sea-born culture of arctic people who have an advanced technology to make seal-skin suits that allow them to survive for long extended time in an arctic sea environment, traveling by kayak. Making one’s own functioning suit would be a person’s right of passage into full adulthood in the culture. Or at least in this particular set. And these people range throughout the regions of the arctic sea. Far and wide. But they keep to themselves.

The storyline is from the perspective of inside this culture. Necessitates anthropological research of arctic indigenous culture. Presumptions – indigenous culture represents advanced technology. (somewhat like the suits of the forest people in Nausiica)

Turn the myth inside out. Turn the story into a story from the perspective of the selkie people, a group of women are out in the world, exploring. They are in the Gaelic isles. Following their custom, they find a little island to dance in the full moon.

The locals of the gaelic isles also have a set of advanced warrior folks. These two cultures know each other, distantly. And there is a teasing sort of rivalry between them. The selkie people are seen as wanders. Bringers of news, knowers of advanced weather lore, fortune tellers of a sort. But technical, from an advanced astrology/astronomy type. Because they are so far North, they are observers (vaguely like the water people in “Avatar”). They commune with the Northern Lights. They have communication with alien beings.

There is mutual respect and a relatively even level of technological know-how between the two cultures. The Selkies are extreme specialists. Sort of like a ninja monk class. It’s not unheard of for crossover to happen between the two cultures (once in a great, great while, a Gaelic gets adopted to Selkie, and vice-verse), but it is very, very rare. Mostly because the ways of being in the world of the two peoples is so completely different. But also because of the sheer daunting level of work and training required to become a fully adult Selki traveler. Children are raised to it from birth, and the entire culture revolves around the rituals and the processes of creating these highly advanced suits. Each one is a unique thing that takes an incredibly high level of work and training in order to create, and it requires certain specific aspects of an arctic environment – the extreme dry cold. You can’t be a selkie without having a seal suit. You can’t travel across the arctic by kayak the way they do without having one.

The actual process of creating the seal suit isn’t that much work, but it requires a very specific and particular process of curing and treatment, completed in bio dynamic synchronicity with astrological cycles. The suit is created by magic. They are not irreplaceable, but it is very, very, very hard to create a functioning suit if you’re not in an arctic environment. And because they must all be tightly tailored and made specifically for the person who will wear them, it’s near impossible for anyone who’s not a Selkie to travel through their territory.

Selkies do travel alone, occasionally, but when they travel in groups they travel with a fierce buddy system. They are attached to each other. It’s a survival tactic. It’s not clingly, it’s just an intense awareness. A very conscious psychic bond. They way birds flock. It would be logistically impossible for one member of a group to be lost or deserted. It would be like losing a limb.

Occasionally, a Selkie and a Gaelic will make a temporary marriage contract. A contract for the purpose of creating children. These contracts are based on connections of attraction. Like recognition. Following the good feelings and the pulls. Based on a sincere desire to spend time together and create a new person as a blending of themselves. This happens far more often than a complete crossover. The unions last for a couple of years. Long enough for the child to be past nursing age. By that time, the partner in the union that is a Selkie begins to feel a hardcore longing pull to return to the sea. Return to the freedom of roaming, and the culture of their own people. Usually the Selkie parent will return regularly to visit.

The children of these unions straddle the two cultures of their parents, and generally occupy a very specific and honored position in whichever culture they choose to live in. This is because they generally have a unique ability to understand perspectives outside of one culture.

There are so many potential storylines within this outline.



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