Super heros, from the girlfriends perspective

Outline of a potential comic book.

Retelling the stories of comic book super heroes from their girlfriends perspective.

Starts by introducing all of their stories individually. Fleshing them out into full characters with complex depth and independent storylines. Making them more than just plot devices.

Eventually, Pepper Potts begins to collect them, one by one. Because they all have their own super powers – they’ve just been overshadowed by their boyfriend’s male privilege and society’s general misogyny. But they all have awesome super powers. Femme super powers.

Pepper Potts collects them and forms an elite team. Something like a super sensitive empath team of badass super femmes.

And they’re super anarchist. PP got tied off working for the military industrial complex. They’re all tired of the endless cycles of dude bro vigilante violence perpetrated by their befriends. These girls want results.

So they team up and begin to work together. They become a politically powerful organisation of conflict meditation and social justice. Okay that sounds boring, but it also gets super magical in here, because all that mediation is a magic ritual. So they’re kind of like a coven of witches, but maybe we won’t use those words.

They focus on community building and teaching folks how to take care of themselves and think for themselves and work for themselves. They teach people how to find their own power and authority inside, so they don’t need super heroes.

Naturally, the dudes start to feel the affects of what they’re now ex- girlfriends are doing, and its stealing their thunder. The boys  don’t like it.

Anyways… So much potential!


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