Dance of the Janitor

A woman in janitors coveralls. Lumpy, limping. Pushing a broom or mop.
Wearing headphones, listening to music.
Setting: some large institution. Psych ward, prison, school, hospital.

Comes in, cleaning. Slowly, the tinny sound of music overheard from headphones fades in. Janitor begins to awkwardly dance to the music, shuffling around stiffly with broom.

Sudden shift. Coveralls tear away to reveal sparkly dance outfit, headphones go too.

Music comes up to full presence. We are now inside persons imagination.

She dances. Still dancing with the broom. Broom becomes dance partner. First metaphorically, then becomes actual person. Partner person is dressed in matching sparkle dance outfit.

They dance, lyrical fusion style. Epic climax dip.

In mundane realty, some bell rings or someone screams out, “no, no, no, why?”

Music goes back to tinny earspray, coveralls and headphones come back.

Lumpy shuffle comes back. Person walks of stage.


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