Ego VS Ego

This song is really two songs, intended to be sung by two different people singing over each other. Sort of a musical duel. One side is sweetness and light, the other side is darkness and cynicism. This is, of course, still a rough draft.

I think this is part of the May-I-Paint-Your-Face Fairy Musical.

What the world needs more of, is me.
Sweet me.
I’m precious and unique,
just like a snowflake,
There’s no one else like me,
I’m the only one!

Who do you think you are, you’re not special,
You’re just like all the rest.
You’re a product of your environment,
Predictable, repeatable,
Cause-and-effect relationships.
Dispensable, So easily replaced.

I’m the Fixer, here to solve the Problems,
I’ve got pieces of the puzzle that no one else has,
And the world is not complete
without my contribution

The last thing we need is one more person
Fixing “problems’ don’t need fixing.
You’ve got the same keys we all have,
Same tired old clichés.

For my mother said it’s true,
I’m on an epic quest to save the world!
I’ve battled monsters,
I’ve slain the dragons,
Fought injustice and
I’ve triumphed in the face of adversity.

The quest is in your head!
The monsters you’ve faced were just your own reflection,
You think your suffering is unique?
All you’ve fought is shadows and
You’ve triumphed over nothing but yourself

[musical interlude]

I’ve got expert insight,
And no one else has lived the life I’ve lived.

You’ve no expert insight,
Everyone has lived the life you’ve lived…

[musical interlude]

I’ve lived the life I’ve lived,
Faced the challenges I’ve faced
Learned the lessons that I’ve learned,
And the world is not complete without my contribution.

Get off your fucking cloud,
Allow me to burst your precious bubble.
The world doesn’t need your saving.
Everything is just the way it’s meant to be.

I’m on a special mission from heaven,
Here to share my Sacred Point of View.
I’ve got the key to the mystery,
And do you know the biggest secret of all…
Is that you do too!
Each and every one of us,
Has a sacred point of view,
And each and every one of us,
Has pieces to the puzzle, that no one else has…

You’re not on any special mission.
The only thing that’s special is each puzzler
finds their puzzle pieces in a different order.
What matters is the space between,
The quiet moments, no glory to be had
It’s in the way you live your life.
It’s in the in-between.
The in-between between the moments.
The empty spaces that you keep.

What the world needs more of, is you!

What the world needs less of,
is people fixing problems don’t need fixing.


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