axiomThese are my AXIOMS. This is an ongoing list that I will add to over time, edit, and continuously link back to.

AXIOM I: We are multidimensional energy beings participating in a collective holographic hallucination that we commonly call “physical reality”.

AXIOM II: We have been trained to think in mathematically limited structures – i.e. two-dimensional – as a means of general population control and enslavement. See “Deconstructing Dichotomy. ”

AXIOM III: (deconstructing gender) Gender is a complex amalgamation of many things including but not limited to, genitalia expression, general body structures, archetypal personality types, hormonal variations, and personal preference.

Each individual person carries the same biological DNA to express both sexes. Every cell carries the entirety of the the mathematical formula necessary to create a human person (this is an intellectual oversimplification).Β  The thing that determines the way each individual cell expresses itself depends upon which specific codes are “switched on”. The process of “switching on” and “switching off” individual codes is regulated by biological process that I don’t know the details of. I do know that Maleness and femaleness are NOT determined by having an X or a Y, since switching a couple of genes around can turn things upside down.

Just so, each person also carries the same cultural programming for “how to be male” AND “how to be female”. Each person carries both the trauma and the programming of victim AND villain. Each person contains the darkness, and the light. Different programming codes are “switched on” and “switched off” by the cultural conditioning a person receives over their life. “Switched on” and “switched off” the experiences that they experience. This switching happens on a deep programming level – the level of hardware and firmware, to compare us to computers – and it also happens on a superficial level, day-to-day, minute to minute, depending on our environment, and the other people around us.

The concept of Yin and Yang are commonly mis-applied to gender. We think of Yin energy as feminine, and Yang energy as masculine. Yin is the pulling, Yang is the pushing. We imagine that someone who has lots of Yin energy is necessarily female. Someone with lots of Yang energy is necessarily male. This is a dangerous intellectual oversimplification when we fall into two-dimensional thinking and forget the more-dimensional whole. This is gender dichotomy. We all get shoves into one box or another, regardless of the complex realities within us.

Because the reality is that every person is a perfectly balanced whole. Every person is both Yin and Yang at the same time. Two sides of the same coin.

AXIOM IV: Each individual person is projecting – creating their own reality. They are projecting the image of who they believe they are. This happens through pheromones, through body language, through clothes, make-up, and facial expressions. It’s the tone of our voice, the way we move, the way we carry ourselves. It also happens energetically, intellectually. We are both transmitting and broadcasting our realities on psychic wavelengths, intellectually imposing our assumption about what it real into the world around us. All at the same time.

This is glamorie magic. Well, I suppose “magic” would be to have conscious control over it. It is something that is happening all the time with everyone. Most people don’t know that they’re doing it. Most people are mindlessly projecting the reality that is spoon-fed them through television, media, religion, and culture.

AXIOM V: It is fundamentally offensive (oppressive) to project one’s reality onto another person without their consent.


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