A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D. – NYTimes.com

A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D. – NYTimes.com.

I have so much commentary on so much of this article.

“Consider that humans evolved over millions of years as nomadic hunter-gatherers. It was not until we invented agriculture, about 10,000 years ago, that we settled down and started living more sedentary — and boring — lives. As hunters, we had to adapt to an ever-changing environment where the dangers were as unpredictable as our next meal. In such a context, having a rapidly shifting but intense attention span and a taste for novelty would have proved highly advantageous in locating and securing rewards — like a mate and a nice chunk of mastodon. In short, having the profile of what we now call A.D.H.D. would have made you a Paleolithic success story.”

What I would like to see is comparison data between people with auto-immune diseases and people with ADD or ADHD, and also cross-reference that data with survey data about the kind of learning environment people experienced.

I’m not suggesting that there would be direct correlation between the occurrence of ADD and A-I diseases (like in the ACES study). But I do propose that for any child, the experience of being forced into a box that they don’t fit into – whether that’s a kid with ADD forced into a boring unstimulating environment, or a more mainstream person forced into an overstimulating environment – is itself damaging and traumatic.

To force a person to spend hours and hours doing boring, menial tasks and ignoring the activities that make them truly happy – the things that they are naturally good at – is abuse. It manifests in a person’s body as stress, and has direct and dire impacts on their physical health.

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