November is National Novel Writing Month!!!

I am writing a Novel. This month. Check out my Stats on!!!

Here’s a bit of what I’ve got so far. These are really still outline notes.

Mary and Joseph are childhood best friends, and also betrothed. They are both marked as future leaders of their tribe, and are both being educated and groomed very specifically for their future work. They grow up together knowing the roles they will take as adults. Their paths are convergent, their skills and talents complementary. They are sort of an opposites attract kind of couple. They are also best friends and confidants. They are each other’s advisers, counsel ors. Their paths in life are laid out for them. And neither of them question this. It is all good and right and natural.

But Mary’s education requires that she travel, and leave the tribe for some time to go to school. Some disciplines require this. Travel is necessary to weave the culture of their people together. Traditionally, this happens when a person is sixteen. They leave home and spend seven years studying andΒ travelling (not totally sure about this detail yet).

_MG_7802People like Jawagn, the Wanderer, are loners. They have no specific tribe. They are a tribe unto themselves. Their purpose is to carry information, lessons, teachings, stories, songs, technology between the tribes. They knit the tribes together across time and space. They are also the magic teachers. Not all magicians and magic teachers are travelers, and not all travelers are teachers. But there is a tradition of travelers escorting and leading individuals and groups of people when they need to travel across unknown territory. The travelers are guides. And because they can walk between the worlds and cross time and space, in time of true need, when one’s heart is true and sincere, one can generally expect to be guided when it is truly needed.

Jawaign is very very old. Quite a bit older then Mary and Joseph. Because he spends so much time in the spirit realm, his body is aging much more slowly than other people’s. At the time when Mary and Joseph are sixteen (I don’t need them to be the same age, but for now, they might as well be), Jawaign is relatively young in his own timeline. He still has most of his capacity for regular speech. He is bright and absurdly sarcastic. Likes to put on magic shows, impress the kids.

He has been visting Mary and Joseph’s village for some years, watching them grow up. Participating in their education.

When it comes time for Mary to leave and go to school and travel, Jawaign conveniently appears to be her escort.

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