Oh yes, this this this

stronger than silence

hi everyone
this took a minute
it’s been a minute
a minute since a white hand killed a brown man
less than that
since an overseer killed a man named Brown
but we found out justice would have to wait for trayvon last august
and i’ve been meaning to write about it
to write meaning into it
but i’ve had whiter’s block

i’m whiter than trayvon
so it’s easier for me to let the headline fade
to watch the black and blue turn to grey
’cause my skin is insulation from the world
my skin protects my insides from harsh insights
now, if trayvon had been my next-of-skin?

different story

last august i was reading about bobby sands
an irish revolutionary
who got misused and abused by the protestant hegemony of northern ireland in the 70s
who had the heart to choose to be a fighter in the…

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