There is an injury between us

[I wrote this in order to deal with some FEELINGS. It is past now, and the relationship is on the mend. But I like this poem, because writing it was so healing and helpful for me in understanding myself, and enabled me to talk with my friend with clear words, instead of just explosions of anguish.]

There is an injury between us

There is an injury between us,
And my heart aches.

It was an accident.
An accident.

It was your fault?
It was your idea.
It was a bad idea.
I knew it was a bad idea.
I felt it in my body.
Bad idea.
I did it anyways.
It was my fault?

I fell,
And broke.
Broke my foot,
Bruised my soul.

Tho my foot heals,
The injury remains.

The injury between us.
Injury of trust.

How do I heal
My injured heart?

I want to scream and pound your chest,
Shout, “You hurt me.”
Like a child.
I want to cry and weep,
And you to gather me in your arms and say,
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Instead I was brave.
I held it in.
Kept my cool.
Not till later did the tidal wave of emotions break over me.
And then I did not know what to do.
Did not know how to communicate,
Drowning in feelings.

And there is still,
There is this open wound between us.

I feel abandoned.

I want to be Seen.
I want to feel like I’m your friend.



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