Conversations With The Oracle: “How will you allign yourself with your heart’s desire?”

The Oracle has been doing a lot of editing in my thought patterns lately. This happens through my process of doing tarot readings for myself and others.

There is an assumption that thoughts originating outside of us are somehow more real – more true – than thoughts originating inside of us. We must go to school to be Educated by people who have learned the right things from the people before them. [I want to say more about this, but it threatens to take over and run off with a tangent.] Reading tarot cards is an exercise in Imagination. An exercise in letting Knowing and Understanding bubble up from inside of you and getting your false ego to shut up long enough to let you hear the whole message in its entirety. Tarot can only reveal to you that which you already know.

As above, so below. We are all divine. We are all one. But we are also inhabiting these distinct individual consciousnesses, separate experiences. Looking outwards from ourselves it is harder to see the interconnectedness of everything. The separation of the empty space between things seems so absolute. Think of Dustin Hoffman’s explanation ofΒ Β  “The Blanket Truth” in I Heart Huckabies. Focusing on the separateness, it’s easy for our egos to fall back on the materialist assertion that your divination is bullshit “because nothing is connected, it’s all just random chance. Those cards you’re flipping have absolutely nothing to do with anything, and you’re making it all up in your head.”

But when we remember the blanket – when we remember that we are all one and we are all connected – then all of the knowledge of the totality of human existence is here at our disposal, inside of us. We have only to ask the right questions. Like composing the right phrasing in an internet search in order to find the data you seek.

People ask the tarot to make predictions for them. “Should I do this, or that?” “Which option would be better?” “Does that person love me?” “How do I accomplish my goals?” “What does my future hold?”

The Oracle tells me not to ask stupid questions. “You must banish words like “should” and “would” from your consciousness. They are useless. All the divination tools do is make observations about What Is. Divination cannot tell you what to do. It can only tell you what is already happening.”

I used to read tarot and ask questions like, “what do I need to do in order to accomplish this goal?” Then I would interpret the messages in the cards as assignments. Things I must do, and if I don’t do them I will fail to accomplish my goal. Stress and anxiety follow accordingly. But the tarot only shows me the stuff that I’m already doing. So a better question would be “what am I doing to accomplish this goal?

An even better question would be, “How will I align myself with my heart’s desire?” I know that whatever cards come up, they are an observation of things that I am already doing.

As Yoda said, “There is not try. There is only Do or Do Not.”




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