The TV channels in my head.

10536500_10204857569983164_2026886059496126576_oEverything is in disarray. My physical space as well as my mental space.

And I haven’t been writing. On a bit of a hiatus from writing. I’m switching rooms at my house, making a website, job hunting, photographing circus people, and re-learning how to use photoshop. I’m awfully busy. But mostly I’m not writing because in the process of making the new website, we loaded all three of my blogs together and now they’re all mixed up in one another, and now I don’t know where to post what. I reorganized the categories to sort it all out, but the website isn’t presentable yet, so I don’t want to post on it. It’s not that big a deal, none of my blogs even have very many followers. BUT IT IS A BIG DEAL

The blog where I write about philosophy and politics andΒ  post funny stories is all mixed-up with the blog where I talk about my health and food and cooking, and those are all mixed-up with my burgeoning photo blog. I’m attempting to create one big uber website that will contain and make presentable the vast array of thoughts bounding around in my crazy head.

In a very real way these different blogs are how I organize the overwhelming mish-mash of thoughts in my head. The inside of my head is hooked-up to some intense data feeds and I just don’t have a handle on them. It’s like… it’s like… I’ll tell you what its like… It’s like having ten different TV stations running at the same time… one’s FOX NEWS, one’s PBS, one’s the Sci-Fi Channel, one’s the History Channel, one’s NPR on the radio, one’s The Daily Show (all Daily Show all the time). That’s not ten, but you get the idea. They’re all going on top of each other all the time. Trying to narrow down and focus on just one takes a concerted amount of effort. Mind you, I don’t think this is much different than how most people’s minds work, mine is just more of a mish-mash. I think I probably have more channels running than most people, and less control over which one’s louder at any given time.

Writing my blogs has been helping me keep it all sorted out. AND NOW EVERYTHING IS IN DISARRAY! Which means my thoughts are very much in disarray. I didn’t realize just how dependent I was becoming on writing to keep my mind sorted out. It’s a desperate, needy sort of dependence. It’s the best kind of addiction. I NEED TO WRITE.

I NEED THIS WEBSITE. Holy heck. Need the platform of it to present my thoughts and ideas to the world. It doesn’t even matter if no one looks at it. Although I desperately hope that lots and lots of people will look at it.



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