Unicycle Pledge

I am learning to ride a unicycle. I have wanted to learn how to ride a unicycle for years. I have a unicycle. I have had a unicycle since I bought it for myself as a Christmas present. To date, I have not spend much time with said unicycle. It has sat out, or been stored in random places, getting dusty and lonely.

I have no reason not to. But so many reasons to. Let me count he ways…

1. Being able to ride a unicycle will immediately level-up my badass ninja status by a factor of x1million.
2. It will create new muscles in my body, mostly around my core…
3. It will increase my happiness factor by x1million
4. It will teach me balance.
5. It will teach me all kinds of math (without numbers)
6. It will be spiritually fulfilling.
7. It will teach me about picking something hard that I want to do, being bad at it for a while, working hard on it anyways, and achieving a goal, which might be something I’ve never actually learned…
8. It will be a potential income source.
9. It will make me sexier (obviously)
10. It will teach me how to shift into alternate dimensions.

Today, I pledge to spend time with my unicycle every day and actually put in the work to learn how to ride it.


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