The Tao of Tao

***Intended to be spoken word slam poetry***

Tao, Tao, Tao,
What is this “Tao”?
A Tao is a thing that you follow?
Tao of archery, Tao of flower-arranging, Tao of tea.

Tao of Buddha, Tao of Jesus, Tao of Muhammed,
Tao of Physics, Tao of Math, Tao of Biology, Tao of Science.
I follow the Tao of Earth, the Tao of Ecology, the Tao of Being A Functioning Member of a Community.

I collect Taos,
But I am a picky collector;
I am quick to discard a Tao that does not fit.
If I tried to carry too many, the Taos would weigh be down, the would hold me back.
Each one I carry is a precious tool.
I only pick the ones that fit.
The ones that work in my hands.

A Tao is not a thing that I follow,
A Tao is a thing that I am.
The Tao of Life,
The Tao of My Life.

Tao of Child, Tao of Daughter, Tao of Being Very Confused About Gender, Ever Since I Was A Child.
Tao of Daughter, Sister, Mother, Crone. Tao of Son, Brother, Father, Old Man.
Tao of Being Someone’s Child, Being Someone’s Sibling, Being Someone’s Auntunkle.

Tao of Being This Gender.

Tao of Bicycling, Tao of Adventuring, Tao of Singing, Tao of Dancing, Tao of Prancing Around Like a Unicorn.
Tao of Painting, Tao of Drawing, Tao of Building, Tao of Light, Tao of Shadows,
Tao of Art.
No, you can’t be the Tao of Art, that’s like being the Tao of Tao.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you “you can’t be the Tao of Tao,” because you already are the Tao of Tao.

Some Taos I yearn to be, but the yearning makes me forget the Taos that I already am,
and they begin to get rusty, moldy, mildewy.

If I forget to attend to the Taos that I already am, I might pick-up unwanted Taos.
Taos that don’t fit, Taos that are dissonant to my Self.
Taos that don’t belong to me,
Taos that want to take over me.
Taos that want to put me in a cage.

In order to avoid this, I make time to spend Being my Taos every day.

Tao of Smoking Weed,
Tao of Yoga,
Tao of Peeing,
Tao of Making Breakfast,
Tao of Creating the World Around Me,
Tao of Sweeping,
Tao of Doing Dishes,
Tao of Gardening,
Tao of Walking,
If I have a job, Tao of My Job.

Tao of Doing The Work That My Soul Yearns To DO.

Tao of Being Myself.
Tao of Being a Good Friend,
Tao of Being a Good Person.
Tao of Being a Hero, Tao of Being a Villain,
Tao of Being Multidimensional.
Tao of Listening to My Instincts.
Tao of Listening.
Tao of Speaking.
Tao of Breathing.
Some Taos I Am at every moment of every moment, while some I Am when it suits me, and otherwise, I’m Not.

I am what I do: Tao of me, Tao of You. Don’t Be someone else’s Tao, Be the Tao of You.
Say it with me: “I Am the Tao of Me.”

Hello, my name is Pheonix Chicken, and This is my Tao. What’s yours?



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