The last time we saw each other we were yelling and I was walking out the door.
You said, “fuck you, this is the reality I live in.”
I said, “yeah, that’s fine. You can have your reality. I just don’t want to hang out in it.”

That was days ago now. And here’s the thing…

I am not obligated to accept you unconditionally.
I like you, but sometimes the parts of you that I don’t like are louder than the parts of you I do like.
I like you anyway.
I am going to tell you when the parts of you that I don’t like are louder than the parts of you that I do like.
I am going to tell you when you piss me off, cross my boundaries, hurt my feelings.
I am going to tell you that your shit stinks.
I am going to speak my fucking mind.
And I expect you to do the same.
I don’t trust people who don’t speak their minds.
People who say one thing, but mean another, expectin’ others to figure out the difference.
I don’t trust people whose shadows I can’t see.

I see your shadows.
And I like you.




  1. haha , people with shadows i can’t see.. i like the passion and rawness in this piece. i think it is all about space and respect. i don’t need to like everybody or have everybody like me. in fact, this is impossible! if i take a stand one way, there are things i wont like. i’ve realized lately that in the masculine-valuing culture, many males have real trouble communicating, looking at (their) shit, valuing other points of view– maybe this is because they have been raised as “the norm” – “what is” “what stands”… of course, not all males, i am not male-hating in my comment. but we gotta do our work, people, and look around! if you’re in a privileged group, get the chip off your shoulder and look around! it’s painful, all that is injust, but it probably wont kill you and you’ll learn a lot…. my two cents for tonight.. and save those pennies, it all counts! ❤ wren

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