Creation Myth

Revised Wed.07.May.2014
Revised again, 14.May.2014


So… have you ever read some creation myths? They’re always so… so… anthropomorphic. Does everyone know what anthropomorphic means? Well, you know, science always comes along and spoils all the fun by saying, “no no no, it didn’t happen in that cool and interesting way, it happened in the way of these boring facts”.

So this here is my version of an exciting and engaging creation myth that is also based (loosely) on scientific facts. Here we go.

In the beginning… there was, um, well, there was a thing… it was… it was,

How do I describe it???
It was.
It existed.
It is.
All time – Whole time.
Across All Time,
Throughout All Space,
All at once,
There is this consciousness.
Sort of a mish-mashy, swirling lump of consciousness.
It had / has, no form, no shape, only, potential.

Having nothing else to do` with infinite time, the consciousness begins to make love to itself…

For eons upon eons, there are rolling waves of pleasure.
Waves upon waves upon waves…
Oceans and rivers and torrents,
Streams and inlets and eddies…
Of pleasure.

And pleasure begat more waves.
Those waves become echoes of themselves,
The echoes condense into spheres.
And the spheres vibrate…
More and more, hotter and hotter,
Until they are ‘POPing’ into atoms of physical matter!
So many all at once, that it might have sounded like one great BIG BANG!

Permanent echos of the infinite orgasm of the Great Cosmic Consciousness.

Ok, so we got all these newly fissioned atoms.

And the universe forms.
Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Asteroids,
Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
All the stuff.

Here on this planet, the important one,
On this planet, whom we often called Earth (among many other names),
earth, air, fire, and water are swirling together.

Gettin’ busy.
Gettin’ jiggy with it.

And these little creatures sort of burst into existence…
Well, β€œburst,”
Is that the right word?
All of the atoms were already there,
It’s just that the individual consciousnesses of the atoms decided to work together and be an organized being.
They decided to be an organism.

The organism decided to be.
That’s sort of like bursting into existence.

They started out being bacteria.
Pretty straightforward.
‘Took a long time to figure out how to be more complex than bacteria,
They figured it out!
Clever people, them bacteria.
They grouped together and decided to be more complex organisms.

More complex organisms decided to be.

And so on, and so forth,
Until there were animals and insects and plants and ecosystems

And for many millennia
has this planet,
our Earth,
The creatures of its body flowering into exquisite beauty,
Then seeding themselves,
Into new version of themselves,
As the grandeur of the past
Into sacred compost
To nourish the future.



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