Dream: Maybe The World Isn’t Dying…

I had a really incredible dream last night, which came through in a bright and shining message of goodness, despite the agony of sick muscle pain I was tossing and turning from.

It started out with a repeating vision of jelly-fish like toroidal life forms, floating around through space (toroid is the basic geometric shape of any living creature/energy field). Floating through space, galaxies and solar systems, and stars, and planets, each one it’s own toroidal life force, with a billion smaller toroids inside it, all of the creature in existence.

And then I came to myself, the work that I’ve been doing: my spiritual, personal growth work. It is often the work of stripping myself down to my very core, my essence, rejecting and ejecting anything that doesn’t belong to me, systematically eliminating dissonance. In the dream, it was like throwing myself into the void… which had been scary at first, the terrifying sense of free fall. But in the dream, the more I fell, the more I shifted, the more I found my core, and my strength. And my surroundings changed from being a dark void, to being the gorgeous sunset sky of a healthy, vibrant planet. As I fell through the glowing pink clouds, I began to slow. I had no fear of hitting the ground. And I began to feel others popping into reality around me.

It felt like the magic trick of shifting from one phase into another. Of shifting dimensions. On this planet in my dream, it was the dawn of a new era, the beginning of a new epoch. Everything beginning anew – society, laws, culture, religion, even the creation myths. As me and others shifted into existence on this planet, we realized that we had always been there, that we were of this planet, made of it, that we were cells of its living body, and a new creation myth came into our collective consciousness.

This planet is a living, breathing, thinking organism. One traveller, amongst a sea of travellers, moving through space. And that all of reality is a fractal expression of all of reality, at varying degrees of scale and magnitude. That everywhere you look, there are living organisms, toroids, moving and reproducing throughout all of existence, each one with consciousness and soul. And this planet, vibrant, healthy, glowing orb of goodness, it had many different species of creatures, and some of the creatures thought of themselves as a collective organism, a multiplicity of one, such as the ants and the bees, and some creatures thought of themselves as a individuals, one of a multiplicity, but all remembered that to varying degrees, both ways of thinking were true at the same time, it only depended upon one’s perspective…

And one of the species were bi-pedal monkey people, who thought of themselves as thinkers. The two-legged people made tools, and wore clothing, and built shelters for themselves. And they journeyed, exploring the universe beyond their home planet, through the portals of their own minds. For the people of this planet knew that it was not particularly practical to move their physical bodies beyond the sphere of their home planet, for that would be like taking the cells of a body away from the body. But the people knew that their physical reality was a projection of the ultimate universal one-ness, and that by going inside, they could explore the farthest reaches of existence. And so the Traveller People did the work of programming reality, for the planet. For they had the power of thought, and the things that they thought manifested into the reality around them. And so collectively, they carried the responsibility of maintaining a good and abundant reality for all of the creatures of the planet, by supporting the complex systems of life, death, and rebirth. They carried the responsibility of holding the reality of the planet together by watching, observing, knowing, and being part of the systems. They carried the responsibility of understanding the work, the teachings, and the perspective of every other living creature on the planet.

This, more than anything else, the special gift of the two-legged people was this: understanding the perspectives and experience others.

In the old reality, the one I had shifted out of, the one that I am actually living in right now, these two-legged thinking people call themselves humans, and people think that the male gender defines all of them collectively, and people have forgotten the sacred skill of understanding the perspectives and experiences of others. People have forgotten the powers that we all have inside us. They have been “switched-off”, through a set of interference programming, conveyed through myths and stories and media and politics. We have been convinced of the lie that we are individually all alone, that physical reality is composed of dead and lifeless matter, that we are sinners in need of redemption. We have been trained to hate and fear each other. “Hell is other people”.


But even here, it is the dawning of a new age. An age of remembering the power within us, an age of recognizing the deity in each one of ourselves, an age of recognizing our own inner authority. As we, each of us, begin to “wake up”, we remember the interconnectedness of everything. We remember the cycles of life and death and rebirth. As we remember again how to truly understand the perspective of other people, remember to uphold empathy as the highest form of love, we begin to transform our world. When we remember the work of empathy, then we do the work of transforming our world from its current state of war, famine, pollution, and pestilence, into a world of health and abundance. We remember how to be functioning member of the ecosystem, instead of a parasitical, cancerous infection. We remember how to be whole.

It’s happening. There’s nothing that can be done to stop it. It will either happen, or we will die. This world will die, and go dormant, waiting until it has the energy to regenerate into a new organism. The world is its own Time Lord. But the world wants the shift to happen. But in order for it to happen, we each of us have to do it. Do the work of transforming our own lives, from slavery to freedom. From working, into living. From thinking that we are somehow separate from nature, to remembering that we are nature, and taking responsibility for our work in the ecosystem. The work looks like remembering to understand the perspectives of other people.

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