need a new word for [boss]

I want to create a new word… (or resurrect an old diety?) to go with the following meaning:

Update: through several conversations, two good options have popped-up: YONI, after the Sanskrit word for vagina or womb, and SHEELAGH, after the Celtic Sheelagh-na-gig goddess pictured above. I like both options. And I like whatever other words you might come up with, too.

It means [The Boss], but not boss in the like, business-crew sort of way… I mean Boss in the Woman Giving Birth kind of way. The way that a woman in labor is THE BOSS, and it is the job of everyone around to see to her every whim and comfort, because she’s fucking giving BIRTH… she is the miracle of creation… she is working a zillion times harder than anyone else around, and in this moment whatever she says GOES.

Embodiment of [The Boss-ness] is not limited to women, as it could be a metaphor for an artistic creation, or a simply the manifestation of a complex idea… but there would be an embedded compulsion against using it facetiously. It is not just the act of manifesting an idea into creation… it is the commitment of dedicating the totality of one’s entire being to the creation of a new living entity. The new living entity is a complete and independent being, an altered duplication of its parents. It is a highly complex self-organizing consciousness.

The idea of [The Boss] could potentially be used as a criticism for people who might be trying to take over too much power in a collaborative project… “what, you think you’re [The Boss]? We’re not just creating your vision you know, we’re all creating this one together…” Or it could be a way to be upfront about one’s intentions in starting a project and inviting others to join… “I really need help and support to bring this to life, but I am [The Boss = Creative Totalitarian Dictator] of this project. I gotta have complete creative control.”

Embodiment of [The Bossness] is also transitory. It is not a permanent state of existence, but a short-term situation. It is both a right of passage, and an ordeal to be endured. It is sacred and also very, very messy and earthy and real. Embodying the boss no joke, and it’s not an existence one wants to inhabit all the time. It is transformative, both spiritually and physically. For in the act of giving birth, the mother is not only birthing a new being into creation, she is also re-creating herself in her own image.

In this way, the idea of [The Boss] encourages power sharing whenever possible, because whenever one catches themselves trying to take on too much power, they think “oh shit, I don’t want to spend all my time in labor… how can I share some of this power/responsibility…?”

On the other hand, our grandmothers were women who had six, eight, ten, twelve children! They literally spent their lives in a shifting state of pregnancy, birthing, nursing. So it is not inherently bad to be one who tends to embody [The boss]. There is a very powerful, mystical magic in being a person who stares into the face of the rift between existing and not, the rift between sacred and mundane, the rift between birth and death.

After the birth too, there is the bonding period between mother and child, initial nurturing and care. And there is also the slow process of the mother gradually broadening her bond with the child to include her partner, her family, her community, and ultimately, the child itself, as it comes into self-aware consciousness.

In this definition, the midwife/doula becomes the ultimate servant, priestess of [the boss]. The midwife/priestess is the facilitator… the person who creates a safe container and environment for [the boss] to work in. As a healer, this is the person who empowers the sick to heal by giving birth to themselves in the image of wholeness and health.

And as both a literal example, and a universal metaphor, the idea of [The Boss] becomes a self-replicating reality.

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