I’m friends with some terrible people.

And then read this one, which is a dude calling himself on his own male priviledge after reading the other blog.

The Atheist Sounding Board

I read another blog post yesterday that got me thinking.  It’s an incredibly well written article about the way women are treated in public, particularly here in my home town of Tacoma.  I know most of you don’t click any of the links I put in my articles, and that’s fine.  For the most part, I put them there as a source for various claims I make.  But this post will be a bit different, so I encourage you to read this article by a woman who calls herself PKS, otherwise you won’t have the full context for what I’m about to say.

Done?  Good, now we can continue.

I love my town.  Tacoma is, in my opinion, the greatest city in the country, and I expect to live out my entire life here.  I’m not, however, enamored with some of the things that happen here, and that article is…

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